Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favorite book

When I was in fourth grade, my class read "Pippi Longstocking". This has been one of my favorite children's books ever since. The book is about a redheaded girl who doesn't appear to have any parents. She lives in an old mansion called the "Villa Ville Coola". While living there with her monkey Mr. Neilson, she meets two children who live next door named Tommy and Annika. They go on all sorts of adventures together and Pippi seems to be the epitome of cool because she is not afraid of any situation and can take care of herself without any adults.

This was one of my favorite books because the character Pippi had so many adventures that I would have loved to do. She knew how to take care of herself and didn't need adults around her telling her what to do. She also didn't go to school and played around all day, what fourth grader didn't want that life? I think that her character represents all nine year olds who just wanted to be free and go on adventures. I feel that this book is good for kids because children love to hear about other children doing things they cannot. Most children have to get up for school and make their bed. Pippi didn't have to do that. As a child, I idolized Pippi.

When I'm a teacher, I will definitly incorporate this book into my classroom. I feel that maybe having a "Pippi Day" where all the girls dress as Pippi and all the boys dress as pirates would be a fun way to understand the characters in the book.

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  1. I love Pippi Longstocking, I used to make my mom read me that book when i was younger all the time. I also was Pippi longstocking for Halloween for three years in a row. I loved it that much. I completely forgot about this book until you posted this.