Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jennifer Wolff, Metacognition

Over the past week I have been trying to observe the way I think. I did not think this would be that difficult, but after trying to complete the task for the first couple of days, I realized I was definitely wrong. Especially when organization is added in the question, the task became more difficult. I have come to realize a lot of things. When it comes to school work, I am on top of my game, yet when it comes to my life, it is the complete opposite.
I've learned that organization to school work is the key. I try to use my planner religiously. However, sometimes this can be a negative thing as well. For instance, those days when class is running late and I just want to leave the room. The teacher gives us our homework, but I've already packed up and don't want to get my planner back out. This always hurts me because later that day, or the next day, I resort back to my planner, see nothing written, then just assume I don't have any. I don't even replay the ending of class in my head to make sure. This happens because I rely on my planner so much that I just assume if I had homework, I would have written it down.
I also think the way I write notes varies depending on subjects. For instance, when in science class, I never write any notes because I believe I already know all the information. However, when I'm in history, I write every fact down because that is my worst subject and I want to make sure I don't forget any information. In these two situations I hurt myself as well. When it comes to test time, for science I don't have any information written, and for history, I have too much information to remember. I have learned after being in school for so long note taking organization just comes with time. When comparing who I used to be while taking notes, is definitely different than who I am now.
I believe thinking about how one thinks is very important for teaching. We need to be able to realize that every student thinks differently, and we need to accept that fact. Not every student is going to like taking notes, or believe notes will help them. As long as the students are learning the material, it should not matter what ways they process the information, as long as they are containing it.

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