Monday, September 21, 2009

Rachael Matchett

When I am thinking about an assignment or something related to class, it is completely different than if I am thinking about my personal life. If a teacher is lecturing, I tend to write everything he/she says down. Not just what is on the PowerPoint, but everything they say. I know that the heading is underlined, the main points are dashes, and any other pieces of information are bullets. My notebook is neatly organized with no doodle marks in the margins. If I am reading a piece of material, I highlight anything and everything that is important. If I come across something that does not make sense, I’ll make a mark in the margin and ask the teacher about it. Now, when it comes to my personal life, that’s a different story. My mind is always wondering, switching up thoughts. I’ll choose to do one thing, and do another. I try to think of a pros and cons chart when I am in a dilemma. I still am very indecisive when it comes to making the final decision about something. If I actually put my thoughts on paper, I think my thinking and initial outcome would be much more organized and thought through.
I remember when I was in school, K-12, we had to organize our thoughts before we wrote something important. I am a big fan of webbing, and I still use it today. I had to go back through and add on more connecting parts to the web and make sure to add it into my story. I am lucky enough that my teachers taught me how to do so. I do remember though, that not one teacher made us organize ideas in a certain way, it was always up to the student. I think that is important, because different people think in different ways and to be able to go back to their own notes will benefit them much more. When I was younger, I did not highlight in my books. Since note taking and studying was not stressed as much, I relied on my worksheets and study guides. As a teacher, I want to keep in mind that each and everyone of my students will have their own way of scribbling down notes and getting their thought on paper. It is important to remember to not judge a student based on their pre-writing thoughts and organization skills.

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