Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Metacognition (Emilea Bade)

I am usually one of the most organized people you will ever meet. I tend to organize everything in my life mostly because it is a character trait that I very clearly get from my mother. But I also organize a lot because if I didn't organize every aspect of my life I would never know what was going on. With such a crazy and crammed schedule I tend to be very scatterbrained and forgetful when it comes to almost anything unless I organize what I am doing. Because of this I am always making lists and thinking ahead. I also have a structured way that I organize things in my academic work.
During the school year I use a planner religiously so that I don't miss an assignment, project, or meeting. I even tend to make lists apart from my planner daily so that I know what exact assignments I have to do before I go to bed each night since professors tend to alter assignments daily. I am also frequently making things such as errands lists and chore lists. This organization helps me because I randomly remember things that I need to do throughout the day and if I don't write them down I forget them minutes later and have no idea when I will remember them again.
This need for organization to be successful carries over into my academic work in areas such as note taking and reading. When I take notes I have a certain way that I usually do it. I have to have a specific notebook for each class that I am in and I tend to date my notes so that I can easily go back to them if I need to. I also like to write my notes in a structure that is easy to refer to instead of just written one thing right after another (for example in an outline). I also like to highlight when I am reading something for a class because it helps me to see where the important points were so that I can go back and review them later. I also tend to stop and think more about what I am highlighting which helps me to remember it longer.
I am constantly organizing my thinking on a daily basis whether I am planning daily activities and school due dates or taking notes and reading for class.

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