Saturday, September 19, 2009

I struggled when I was younger in school on the subject of reading and being able to answer questions about the reading. One way that I became better at this task was when I would read a paragraph I would highlight and underline key words that I thought were important. I would then read the questions that went along with the paragraph that I just read and then go back to the key words that I had highlighted. If the highlighted words did not help me get the answer I would reread the paragraph again and then answer the questions one by one. This was very helpful to me and made me become more aware of how to use context clues around the words or concepts that I was unsure about. If I was taking a test and I was confused about a paragraph that had questions that went along with it, I would highlight as many key words that I thought would help and then circle the whole paragraph so I knew that I had to come back to that paragraph at the end. I also would put stars next to the words that I was confused about in my homework assignments and the next day in class I would ask my teacher to explain them to me. I think it is very important for students to be able to highlight certain concepts and words in their books that they do not understand or the things that they think are really important. I would recommend to anyone that has trouble with key concepts to highlight what they think the main ideas or words are in the paragraph to help them and also to reread paragraphs if they are still confused. This is a good technique to use for all classes and all age groups.

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  1. I can definitely relate to your post. I always had difficulty answering questions after reading since I felt I never understood the given material correctly. I used to always look for bold words and the first sentences of each paragraph to recap the material below. I still find myself having the same problems since my mind is everywhere!