Sunday, September 20, 2009

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When I am writing, I like to organize my thoughts so that I know how and what to write about. As I reflect on my own thinking about writing, I realize that I use concept maps, webs, lists of transition statements/words, a list of topics for my writing, and ideas for my introduction and conclusions paragraphs. All of these techniques are useful in helping me organize and think about my writing.

The first step that I would go through to start organizing my thoughts about writing would be to write a list of possible topics. I would make a list of things I might want to write about and then pick one of them to expand upon. After this step in my writing, I would create a writing web. I would pick the topic I selected to be the main point of my writing and I expand the web by picking topics that I want to cover in my paper that relate to the main idea. After the web is completed, I start writing my paper. Sometimes, however, I still need more help in organizing my thoughts.

When I am trying to organize my thoughts about writing, I might make a list of possible transition sentences and words to use between paragraphs and in paragraphs. These transitions help me to make my paragraphs flow so that they make sense and are not “choppy.” My list of transitions makes it easier to think of what to insert into my paragraphs at the time of my writing. If I am still not completely satisfied in how my thoughts for my writing are organized, I might write my introduction and conclusion paragraphs. By writing these paragraphs, I can see where my paper is going to start from and where it should end.

Organizing my thoughts for writing is very useful. It helps me discover what I am going to write about and where my writing is going.

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  1. Wow, i think by reading this, it has given me some examples of how to organize my papers.