Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When I read and write I am always thinking about how these ideas fit into my life. Generally, when I read for class I always have a highlighter and whenever I find something that sticks out to me or seems like it would be useful in life as a teacher, I highlight it. Sometimes I even keep a notebook near so that if I think it is a really great idea, I will write it down. I have a plastic tote with all my teacher materials in it. I have everything from the things my mom has bought to decorate my classroom to materials I plan to use when I become a teacher. Since high school I have been keeping notebooks, folders, and binders with important information that I want to use in my classroom. It makes it easier to go back and look through these readings and papers whenever I have highlighted what is most important.
When organizing for class, it seems to take longer to organize what I need to do than what I really need to do. Before I can sit down to do my homework, I have to write out a list of all the work that is due and when it is due for that week. I feel like if I do not write all the homework out then I will forget something. It also helps because I know how much homework there is to do and I can manage my time better. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting time by writing it all out by I feel like I cannot concentrate on doing my homework unless it is wrote out. Whenever I am in class I am constantly writing things on post it notes. They seem to save my life. Not just for class but for everything else.
I am usually a very organized person in all the activities in my life. If I am going on a trip, I write down all the things I need while I am gone. If I do not write it out, I will forget something. I think I am organized about things because if I was not, then I would forget stuff more often. I use post it notes at home to remind myself to pay my bills or take out the trash and even what to get at the grocery store. I often leave notes for my boyfriend to do things because if not we would both forget and it would never get done.

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  1. I really like your idea of stockpiling resources you will want to have when you are in charge of your own classroom! It sounds great that you have everything stored that you have acquired over the years, it will be a great resource later! I have kept the things I think are important, but haven't gone through and organized so that I know what I have, nor is it all in one place. I also like to highlight things so I can easily reference what I need when I need it, but I try to use highlighter marks sparingly so only the most important points.

    I understand about feeling like you need to organize before you start your work. Similarly, I have a dry-erase monthly-calendar at my desk that I have to have updated so that I can see at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time. I do it every other Sunday or so and feel like I can't do anything else for the week ahead until I have everything updated on my calendar as well as in my weekly planner that I carry with me everyday. I also feel that if I don't write it down I will never remember it. Writing is a very important part of helping me remember something, even if I don't look at it much, I feel like I am more likely to remember just by writing it down.