Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kristen Peneff

When it comes to organizing I have many different systems to help me stay on track. I have my planner which I can’t live without. I put everything literally EVERYTHING I have to do for the week in my planner. I have my homework assignments in it, when I work, where I’m going to, if I need to go to the store what I need from the store, all stores of things. Usually I run out of room so I go to post-it notes to help me add any additional information that I need. I also have a week calendar in my room next to my desk that helps me stay on task with big assignments or projects. This one is mainly for school use only. I also have my books and folders put in order of which day I use them and in order of which class I am going to work on first. I like to general have everything laid out for me on paper of some sort. I feel that it better helps me know what I am doing and it also allows others to see what I am doing as well.
If it doesn’t have to do with school you can bet that I have it on a post-it note somewhere. Since school takes up most of my time I generally don’t have much free time. But even in the free time that I have I usually have some sort of organization going on. For example, when it comes to me workout, I have a schedule of how many miles I am going to run each day with a check box next to it for the day. If I have completed that run I will check it off. If I haven’t complete that one then I will put an “X” in the box. So I know that the next time I run I have to do that run instead of the one listed for the day. On the cross training days I have a list of what I am to do instead, Like how many push-ups, sit-ups, what to lift, how many reps to do, etc. I like to think that I am very organized when it comes to things but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that.

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