Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jen Shearer's Metacognition

When I am given a passage or a reading the first thing I look at is the title. I first decide if there is anything I know about the topic and if I am interested in what the passage has to say. I usually think about the things that I do think I know about the topic and I think about the scenario's in which I learned those things. As I start to read the passage every sentence that I read I compare with what I already know. For instance if there is a word in the sentence that is not normally used I may try to figure out what it means through context and what I know about the topic or if I still am not aware of it I highlight it and look it up later.
When I was in high school one way that I would use to remember everything in for example a history class, I would go through and just look at the highlighted or bolded titles or words and say out loud how they fit in with the history and context with everything else. I would think and say out loud everything I knew about that word or topic then if i was sure I knew everything I would move on to the next section. If I did not know everything or was unsure I would go back and read that section until I was able to remember everything. I would go through and do this several times over and over again until I was able to accomplish going through with no difficulties. I would not just do this before tests I would also do this when we started the chapter and throughout the unit to be sure I knew everything as we went along.

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  1. I have been told that I should read things aloud, just like you do. However, I am always really embarrassed to do this, so I never do, even if I am by myself. Likewise, I often have to go back and read sections of text a second or even third time, because I just didn't comprehend what the author was saying after was pass. I know that if reading things multiple times helps me remember things. If I reread a text it is usually because I don't understand it, but when I reread my notes it is so I can remember it.