Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lauren Schraut's Guided Reading Video

The YouTube video that I chose to watch was titled Guided Reading with Cathie Peters. In this clip, it is discussed what is guided reading. It is when a small group is getting the individualized attention that they need when it comes to their reading skills. Books are picked especially for the group being worked with at the time.
The first teacher that was shown, was doing more of an “after reading” questioning. She was questioning what happened and why it happened in the story. During this part, she allowed the students to give there own input and understanding of the story.
The guided reading group discussed the strategy of looking at the pictures prior to reading the story. This was much like the “Picture Walk” that was used in the video that we watched in class. The teacher shown telling the students that using the pictures to figure out difficult words is very important. Before reading the teacher went through the book and looked at the pictures and the words. She actually had them point to both the picture and the word so they understood that they go hand-in-hand and that you can use picture clues to help you when you are stuck on a word. The teacher made a “looker” for when “looking” at the words. It was a popsicle stick with a large googly eye on the end of the stick. I believe as a young student I would have thought it was cool to be able to point at what I was looking at with a big eye. I am not sure why she had them do it other than the fact that it was cool!
Also, the teacher found words on a class “Word Wall” and they spelled them out with magnetic letters and phonetically went through the phonemes in the word until they formed the correct word.
This video does cover things we talked about in class and saw in the video we viewed as well. It covers information that was given in the readings but not as many strategies that were given in the book.
This video can be found here :

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