Monday, September 14, 2009

Alex Lew

Growing up I loved books, so much so that I did not want to read them because I did not want to bend the binding. When I did read them I made sure that I did not bend the cover back, because I was sure that if you hurt the cover of the book the whole story was ruined. I am not very different today, I still love books and hate bending the covers, but I realize now that what is contained in the book is not dictated by the condition of the cover. One of the books I remember being especially particular about, because it was one of my favorites, was “Matilda” by Roald Dahl. I loved anything by Roald Dahl but “Matilda” stuck out as one of my favorites.
This book is about a little girl who is incredibly intelligent and who loves to read. It has been several years since I have read this book so the details are a little fuzzy; however, one thing I do remember is that Matilda had special powers. She suffered many difficulties, like her parents not allowing her to grow academically, but she had her powers and her amazing teacher to help her through it all. Miss. Honey is a character that has always stuck with me, she was kind and sweet, just as her name suggests. As a child I loved this book because of Matilda’s super powers, Miss. Honey’s kindness, and because my dad and I read it together. As an adult I see that this book is more powerful than I had originally thought as a child. Matilda is a child who loves to learn and does not let anything get in her way of learning, and I think that is a very important message for children.
“Matilda” can be used in the classroom as a book that is read collaboratively between the teacher and the students. Throughout the process of reading the book, students can keep a journal as if they were Matilda. After every reading (whether with partners, aloud, silent, etc.) the children will add an entry as if their journal was actually Matilda’s journal, writing about feelings, hopes, daily events etc. “Matilda” is a classic book that I hope I can incorporate into my classroom but even if I cannot I will definitely share it with my own children.

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