Monday, September 7, 2009

E342 Literacy Snapshot

I really enjoyed documenting my everyday literacy encounters because I came across a very humorous conclusion. My life revolves around food. I broke up the time I spend during the day reading into six different categories: academics, periodicals, fun, food, schedule, internet. Interestingly enough, generally, causes hungry or reminds me that I am hungry.
When jotting the time I spend reading course related materials, I was not surprised. I read text books, articles, and powerpoints for all of my various subjects in class on Thursday, and over the weekend as homework. I spent the majority of my weekend reading or planning on when I would have time to read course related materials.
The planning that I am referring is my schedule. My schedule literacy begins from the time my alarm goes off in the morning, to the time I reset it before I go to be. In the meantime, I have a class planner, weekly class room assignments, sylibi, and of course basic signs around town and in buildings that direct me where to go throughout the day. Without a schedule to adhere to, or without literary reminders I would be lost.
Online also allows me to have a coherent schedule and keeps me from getting lost. I do not spend much time online because I am not a member of any online social networks, but I generally spend 30 min a day checking and responding to my personal email accounts. Also I like to check OMG, a gossip and photo website, twice weekly.
Since I like to be in the know of the world, or what I like to call the "fun" aspects, I read "The Odessey", "The Indiana Daily Student", and fashion magazines. "The Odessey" is a greek-run paper the is distributed to the greek houses on campus. The fashion magazine of choice this week happened to be "Glamour".
My fashion magazine hunger of the week may also fall under my fun literacy category. I included crosswords, horoscope, snail mail, and text messaging. These are all short and quick activites that were literacy that I never realized. I always do crosswords to stimulate my brain but I have never related it to literacy before.
Food. Not only did this consume my day but now that I am aware of it, I think about it more often. I spend a lot of time reading nutritional info. and ingredients because I'm latose intolerant along with careful analysis of every menu I encounter. Also at the grocery, when you think about it, labels are overwhelming. The microwave and heating instructions came in handy over the weekend when I grew hungry.
Overall this was an interesting experience and I realize I should be reading more often in my free time.

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  1. Your posting was really interesting, Especially that you feel like your life revolves around food! I completely forgot to write about all of the writing I do when keeping track of my schedule.