Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jennifer Shearer

This was a book that my third grade teacher read to us. This book is very entertaining and inventive. I think it shows children that writing and reading can be inventive and crazy! This book is about a Big Friendly Giant (The BFG) and he gives children dreams at night. This young girl can't sleep one night and sees him and follows him. They become friends and she gets to experience his world which is full of funny says and words. I definitely see myself using this in my classroom. I think it can be used from first to third grades. The teacher that I did my field experience with used it in his first grade class. The students seemed to really love the book. It is a chapter book but it does have pictures in it so it does help when you are reading it to younger children. The book is full of imagination and it is that very reason that I love the book. I share this book with everyone any chance I get and I can't wait to share it in my classroom with my students. There are several fun projects or assignments you could do with this book. One thing that I think would be fun and entertaining is trying to get students to expand their vocabulary and teach them to use a dictionary by finding the definitions to long and "silly" sounding words like the ones similar to this book. I think it would also be fun to have them write their own story about a dream they had that the BFG blew into their room one night. There are many fun and inventive things you can do with this book. I would enjoy reading it again now as a college student because I enjoy it so much! It is a good read and most children that I have ever read it to and from what I can remember this was one of the most loved books by everyone who read it.

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