Monday, September 14, 2009

Kristen's Favorite book

The BFG also know as "The Big Friendly Giant" is a story about a girl named Sophie who gets snatched up by a Gaint. Sophie fears that she is going to be eaten by the Gaint, although the Gaint carries her out of the Gaint land she still is worried. She is unaware that the Gaint has no intentions of harming her. He says " I is the only nice and jumbly Giant in Gaint Country! I is THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT! I is the BFG." Sophie and the BFG become best friends and try and stop the other giants from going into sleeping children's dreams. The Queen becomes involved in this mission as well as the RAF.

I love this book for a variteyof reasons. The book has a sense of humor to it, along with imagination that allows kids to have fun with it. I love this book because when I was younger it made me laugh and smile when I read it. Plus, my teacher when I was younger turned this book into a fun activity where just about every other subject was concluded in it some how. I read this book mulitple times when I was younger becuase I loved it so much. I remember reading books that I hated or that I thought where boring and this book is completely opposite it is a fun book that can teach kids imgination and allow them to enjoy the book.

As a classroom teacher I would make this book a unit. I would try and integrate other subjects with this book. Since the book has a since of imgination you could have an art class on drawing what you think that characters look like or what Giant Country looks like. You could also incorporate geography into the book. Roald Dahl does a great job of being descriptive in his writings, which allows you as a teacher to work with a lot. This book is also just fun for the kids to read.


  1. I loved this book growing up too! Roald Dahl has so many books that are perfect for children. I like how you plan on incorporating more than one subject into this unit.

  2. I also loved this book! I sometimes forget about all the books I loved and this was one of them. As soon as I saw the picture you posted it brought back so many memories. I think it's a great book to put in a classroom library.

  3. I loved this book! I completely forgot about it until I saw your post. My teacher read this book to my class in third grade and made it so entertaining. He would change the voices for each character, and always had the class laughing.