Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sarah Spitz's Guided Reading

A Guided Reading Lesson

I thought that the video clip “ A Guided Reading Lesson” was interesting. I thought that the teacher in the clip did a good job in guiding the reading lesson with her students. The teacher in the clip asked lots of questions to her students, such as “does the book look like it is fiction or non-fiction” and “when do you think the book takes place, now or a long time ago?” This question approach is important in guided reading instruction because it influences the students to really take time and think about what they are about to read.

After the initial questioning, the teacher asked one of the students in the video to read the back of the book in order to get a sense of what it was about. After the girl finished, the teacher asked a few more questions to make sure that the students understand what they are going to be reading. The teacher also asked the students if they knew what all the words on the back of the page meant. When the students did not know, the teacher explained what the words meant. The teacher asked about the characters in the book also. This was a good technique because it helps the students relate to the characters before they start reading the book. Then the teacher instructs her students to start reading the book.

Everything the teacher does is a good demonstration of guided reading. The teacher helps the students understand what they are reading and she is calm and patient during all this. The teacher does the things we have talked about in class such as questioning and guiding the students step by step with what they are reading. The video did not use as many guiding reading strategies as were presented in the class and the readings.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I thought that your video would be interesting to watch since it has both teachers and students within it. Seems to have been a very good example to have watched.

  2. I think it was cool that you watched a video with more than one student in it so you really got a feel how it would work in a group setting.