Friday, September 4, 2009

Literacy Snapshot, E342 Monday

Previous to this assignment, I had not thought about the types of literature I look at and see on a daily basis. From looking at my chart over a five day period, I realized I mainly look at Facebook, Perez Hilton, my Indiana email account, cookbooks, class textbooks, Cosmopolitan, course packets, street signs, advertisements on buses, the Indiana Daily Student, articles my family sends me online, and various fashion magazines.

The majority of my reading was online, which showed me just how much time I was spending on my computer. I also noticed the amount of time I spent on my email, Facebook, and Perez Hilton were heavily weighted in my daily literature intake. That does seem a little troubling to me. But this also made me realize that I do not always use reading to find out about news around me. I do occasionally watch the news, talk to people about recent stories, or hear stories on the radio.

When I thought about it, I was constantly taking in new information at a pretty steady rate, through various mediums. Also, I noticed that I did not have any books I was reading for pleasure. This is because it is the beginning of the fall semester, where I find myself stuck reading textbooks, instead of picking out my own books to read. If I had done this project during the summer, it would be a lot of books, and a lot less computer use.

This assignment proved to me that whether we want to or not, we are constantly seeing and hearing some type of literature. To think that some people are illiterate seems puzzling how they could even function, when so much of my life is influenced by literature. Although this assignment made me realize how much time I spend taking in my literature online, I don’t think that will change, in fact, I think that amount may even increase, as more professors are moving away from textbooks and going towards online resources

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  1. I think you are on point about how people who cannot read even function in the world. Our lives pretty much revolve around being able to read and write, and to think that some people have not been adequately taught these skills is troubling. I also agree with your point about how we are moving away from text books and towards online resources. Hopefully students won't have to buy as many books a semester, becuase I don't think I can afford another semester of books!