Sunday, September 6, 2009

Literacy Snapshot, E342 Monday

When I got this assignment I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to be coming encounter with throughout the week, in regards to literacy. I figured some television, websites, and a textbook or two.
Upon actually writing down everything I realized just what I was spending my time on in regards to my "Literate Life". I spent a good amount of time on Facebook on the beginning of the week but not as much at the end of the week (since I did not have my computer). I went to Indianapolis and drove around so I spent a good amount of time reading directions, street signs and billboards.
So although I did not spend much time with the next literacy piece I am going to talk about, it was most likely the most important. I went skydiving on Friday. You would think one would get a lot of instruction and training but no...not at all! That five minute video and that paperwork that essentially signed my life away into the hands of a stranger...yeah that was pretty important to me! And could have meant life or death.
In regards to academics I did spend a lot of time with literacy. I read about five different textbooks (not all the way through, obviously), syllabus (and realizing how much stuff there is to cram into one semester...but some sweet teacher gave us cookies), emails from every teacher and some videos from YouTube for a technology course.
I spent some time on I love reading what random things people will send into a complete stranger. I sometimes can not get off that website because I am so consumed.
Obviously, everyday I had to eat. So I read a lot of literacy based on food!!! YUMMY! I read cookbooks, labels, names on containers, menus and restaurant signs when picking where to eat downtown Indianapolis.
When you think about literacy constantly you see it EVERYWHERE..obviously. From listening to music, to communicating, and to the best EATING!

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  1. I just had to say post secret is my favorite website/book. Oh and I cannot believe you went skydiving. I really don't understand how people can do that. I'm impressed!