Friday, September 11, 2009

Trisha Bingham's Favorite Children's Book

Ever since I was young, "The Giving Tree" has been my favorite book. It was written by the very famous children's book author, Shel Silverstein. The story is a simple one. A boy and a tree are very good friends. The tree gives the boy anything that he may need. When the boy is hungry, the tree gives him apples. When the boy is hot, the tree gives him shade from the sun. As the boy ages, his requests become greater. The boy wants to sail the ocean, and the tree sacrifices itself for the boy. The boy then cuts down the tree to build his boat. After sailing the seas, the much older boy returns to the current tree stump. The stump informs the boy that it has nothing else give. However, the boy just wants a place to sit and the tree can provide.
I really enjoy this book because of its message. The message is one of caring for others. The tree truly cares for the boy, and continually gives until there is nothing left. The book teaches the reader about the relationship between love and friendship. The tree and boy love each other and it shows itself. The tree just wants to please the boy, and the boy just wants to be with the tree. In my opinion, it's very sweet. Another reason that I like the book is that it can enforce a love of nature. Although the boy cuts down the tree, the boy is still very thankful for all that it has provided.
This book is one that I definitely plan on reading in my future classrooms. I think that I could read this book to teach the children about respect and friendship. Respect is something that needs to exist in the classroom, and the book is fun yet powerful way of showing children what respect looks like. I also want my children to make friends. The tree and the boy are great examples of what friendship should be, and my students could learn a lot from those examples. Finally, I want my students to love the nature that surrounds them. I can do this by explaining the love the boy has for the tree. It becomes a larger example of the love of the natural world.
"The Giving Tree" is an extremely famous children's book, and for good reason. It can be purchased at

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  1. This was my favorite book when I was little. My mom used to read it to me at night and I would cry every time... I definitely learned a lot from this book at a kid. Great choice!