Friday, September 11, 2009

Aimee Frantzen's Favorite Children's Book

My favorite book or more, book series, has been my favorite since I was a little girl. Eloise, the main character in the Kay Thompson book It's Me, Eloise, is a voracious little girl living in the Plaza Hotel in New York City with her nanny, and her array of dolls and pets. The premise of the story is that her mother leaves her at the Plaza with her nanny and goes on long extravagant trips and Eloise is left to cause all kinds of trouble. I absolutely adore Eloise because she is sweet, and simply put - a very cute troublemaker. My aunt bought me the book when I was younger claiming I reminded her of Eloise and for that reason I love it. The storyline is funny, witty, and silly, just like me!

Within the classroom I think I might use the book for an "About Me" type project in which I would have my students all pick out stories that reflected something about their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. I would try a project like this sometime in the beginning of school with my students and I would use Eloise as my example. I would also have this book readily available for reading in my own classroom library throughout the year. I say this because the book contains a limited amount of words on each page with a lot of pictures as well as language a child can relate to. My hopes would be that it is an easy read for students at a 2nd or 3rd grade level. Lastly, I really enjoy the message the book gives and I would want to pass this message on to my own students. It's okay to be silly! Eloise is her silly self, she does not try to be someone she is not. She is silly and that's okay!


  1. Aimee, "Eloise" was one of my favorite books growing up as well. I used to read it every time I slept over at my grandmother's house. At some point I believe my grandmother also purchased the book where Eloise goes to Paris. When I went to the Plaza with my grandmother when I was 10, I remember her saying to the people who worked at the hotel that we were there to see Eloise. I remember watching the movie they made about the book, and I'm sure I saw it a few times as this was a book I loved to read as a child!

  2. I used to read these books all the time! I think that this book is so creative and great for children to read. Eloise shows children about having ambition and going for what they want. I too agree that students can relate to this book because Eloise is a fun, young girl who probably has many of the same qualities as our future students.