Saturday, September 12, 2009

This book is about the first day that Franklin attends school. Franklin is very excited to attend school, he is looking forward to seeing all of his friends, but a little bit nervous about meeting his teacher for the first time. Franklin becomes less nervous when he gets on the bus and sees all of his friends and how excited they are to go to school. He is confused about what activities and problems he is going to have to do in school. I really enjoy this book, because it is the way a lot of children feel on their first day. I also like this book, because I love animals and all the characters in this book are animals. I also like this book because of the pictures that are on the pages which are very detailed. I also like this book, because when I first attended school this was one of the first books my teachers read to me; and now my mom is a teacher and this is one of the first books she reads to her students. I would use this book in my classroom to show how important friendships with your other classmates are. I would do a lesson on friendship and have the students each pick a friend in the class and have them write two sentences about that person. The students would then get to trace their partner and then we could hang the drawings on the wall with the two sentences inside the tracing. Another way I would incorporate this book into my classroom would be to discuss the different types of animals. This book has a lot of different animals in it; by discussing the different animals you could have your students divide the animals up into different groups. Overall I think this is a very good book for children, because it has animals in it which children love and also discusses the feelings of the first day of school; and how all the characters feel which relates to how children feel on their first day.

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