Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alex Nabolotny's Literacy Snapshot

This past week I have spent time observing how I engage in literacy. Reading is a skill that I enjoy, but definitely feel like I do not get enough of it. I have always loved reading for pleasure, but when I have to read for classes it often feels like a chore. After doing this project I have noticed that I have a fairly good balance of both, and I should really be happy with the fact that literacy is everywhere.
After we were assigned this project I started right away trying to keep track of what I am reading, this was not an easy task! There are so many things that I read throughout the day it was nearly impossible to make a mental note of everything. My main source of literacy was the internet. I was on Oncourse multiple times a day, looking at the resources and assignments pages mainly. Then, due to the many Oncourse messages that I had gotten throughout the week I also was on Umail a lot checking my email. Sadly, these pages were often immediately followed by me checking my Facebook, or going to These are the sites that I probably tend to spend a little too much time on. Other websites that I visited throughout the week were and I do not usually watch that much TV at school so therefore I do not watch the news so the internet is a great way to see what is going on in the world.
As far as what I read throughout the week that was not an internet source, this was mainly textbooks for school. In addition to my textbooks, I also spent a lot of time reading the course syllabus for all of my classes.I feel like I do not have that much time to read a book for pleasure when I am at school. By the time I was done with all my reading for my courses I was too exhausted to open another book, even if it was for pleasure. The little bit of reading for pleasure that I did was through magazines such as Glamour and Us Weekly. Throughout the rest of the week, I also found myself reading recipes, text messages, and street signs, ingredients, calendars, just little things everywhere. Literacy is a huge part of society and after doing this project I see that it is often taken for granted. I never took the time to realize how much I read until now and I see that I would be lost if I did not have literacy skills.
This project helps me think like a teacher and how I would want to stress literacy in and out of the classroom.

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