Sunday, September 6, 2009

Literacy Snapshot, Natalie MacRae

I found looking at these last couple of days that I seem to have two literacy paces. Just this first week the amount of reading that that I do for fun went down immensely. Therefore, I learned that I read much different in the summer and just last week then I did for this week when I kept track. It becomes all business. I am reading school literature, articles that I am assigned, homework, and the internet.
While on the internet, I am basically on there to check email and facebook. The two are basically the only ones, but I check them about five to six times a days. Another technology that I am always on and reading is my cell phone. I text constantly and is probably my biggest means of communication throughout the day with everyone.
I love to read for pleasure, and found time to read some a little, but when I am reading school textbooks instead at night my time for that hinders. Which I find is sad because I find reading very relaxing and stress reliever. I love reading magazines and will usually buy one, but when I am standing in line at the grocery store, I am always reading the tabloids.
I find that I read things very thoroughly when it comes to signs and outside. When I am walking down the street and there are signs, I make it a point to read every one. I never realized I did that before, but I guess I like to know where I am at. My dad used to make me do that because I had a horrible sense of direction and I guess it became a habit.
Just as an observation I realized that even though we find ourselves in a world of technology that does not mean we read less, we just read differently. My roommate refuses to read novels because she believes it is boring and that she does not read, however, she does read all the time because she is a huge texter. I guess that I learned that reading might not be presented in ways that I always realized. Everyone is a reader; just sometimes, we are not even aware.


  1. I can relate to the difference in reading that has occurred in the last week. I used to love reading novels, but now must focus on textbooks and assigned articles. And it is unfortunate considering that reading now brings anxiety and thoughts of deadlines rather than relaxation and fun.

  2. I agree and relate to having two separate paces for reading. Unfortunately, the majority of my time is spent on reading for my classes however, now I have found a new way to read what I want. I have been bringing my book with me to the gym. This way I am able to still enjoy a personal read on top of the rest of the course work. I may not be able to read as much as I want, but at least I can read a little bit of what I want.