Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amy Stone's Literacy Snapshot

Over the past week, I have begun to focus on all of the literacy practices that I engage in on an everyday basis. When I first think of what literacy practices truly are, I think of simply reading a textbook, magazine, or novel. I also consider writing papers or writing in my journal as a literacy practice. Literacy practices can even be broken down to involve online reading, watching television, reading textbooks, engaging in conversations, such as Facebook chat, and writing lists. These are all literacy events that I involve myself in on a daily basis.

I begin my day by waking up and checking my email which involves reading and responding to different messages that are sent to my account. I normally check my Facebook account regularly therefore I have to read any wall postings or notifications and respond to those. After this I check the weather so I know what to expect when I go to classes. As with all of us, reading is a daily part of our lives because of being enrolled in classes. I often catch up and review text readings before class if not I finish any homework I did not have time to complete the night before. While in class, I read the notes given by professors and my notes and assignments that are given to me in class. As the day finishes up, I check my Facebook a few more times and begin to focus on the assignments given in class. For enjoyment, I read the Indiana Daily Student before beginning my homework. I like to catch up on news that is happening around campus and know any new information that is beginning in the new future. I also make sure to check my horoscope and I always do the Sudoku. I am a very organized person therefore I am constantly writing and reading to-do lists that I have for the day or week. These lists help me to stay organized and also are a very large portion of my literacy practices because I spend so much time on them on a daily basis.

There are daily living experiences that are constantly present in my life such as reading nutritional information on labels or checking prices and food advertisements at the grocery store. Also, reading commercials or the closed captioning of television is something that I do on a daily basis. I also attend mass weekly therefore I am reading hymns and the Bible. When I am constantly aware of the information around me and the literacy practices, there seems to be more and more ways that reading and writing are involved in my life.

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  1. It is good that you can draw the connections between day-to-day reading and leisure reading. A lot of people tend to discredit reading because they can't acknowledge its constant presence in their life.