Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sarah McVey's Literacy Snapshot

When we first got this assignment, I was afraid that I would not be able to think of ways to demonstrate the literacy I use everyday, and also that I would not have enough to present. As soon as I began to write the things I do everyday, I realized that I would have more than enough.

The place where I spend the most time is on my computer doing any number of things. Most of what I do on my computer lately has been school and work related. I am on OnCourse a lot trying to figure out what exactly my assignments and readings are. I am also an RA in Wright Quad this year, so I spend time on my email and our online duty logs to keep up with what is going on in the center. As with many of my classmates, I spend a lot of time on Facebook keeping up with friends and staying in contact, as well as just seeing what people are up to. Lately I have been looking at a great deal of wedding photos since I am a 5th year senior and have many friends/former classmates who have already graduated and are starting their lives as “adults.” Recently I also reactivated and updated my Twitter account. I find Twitter to be much easier to keep up with, and there is much less information to take in, plus you can easily get quick updates from things like CNN. I also utilize Google in many ways; I have an email account, a group account to keep up with my former IUSF Steering Committee, a Picasa account, and now a BlogSpot account, not to mention that I “google” (verb form) just about every random wondering of my brain. I also have had to use Microsoft Word a lot lately for classes.

As I have seen, literacy is everywhere and I also use it during recreation/relaxation time. I am trying to finish the first Lord of the Rings book, which I have been working on most of the summer, but have been at a loss for time, and the reading is harder than I had expected. Of course, I have also had many various readings for my classes, and have had to write some responses to these readings. I am also working on finishing a cross-stitch design, which requires more literacy than you would think because different symbols have to be deciphered, and a lot of counting has to be done so that everything turns out right.

My smartphone is another area where I use a lot of literacy to keep in touch with the outside world through texts, calls, emails, Twitter, and Facebook applications on my phone, as well as looking up weather reports and using the browser.

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