Monday, September 7, 2009

Before this past week I have really never thought about where and how literacy is a part of my life. I actually thought when we got this topic for this blog I really would not have anything to write about. But after paying attention to everything I read, write, and listen I realize that literacy activities are a bigger part of my day than I thought. I will split the sections up into school work and entertainment.
The first section I want to discuss is how much I actually read for classes every week. This past week, I read over 200 pages and that was just Thursday through Monday. The topics that I read ranged from science to learners with disabilities. I also realized that in order for my reading to be beneficial I must do it in a quiet place. Also, it takes me around 2 hours to do readings per day. That does not include taking notes and other homework assignments.
The next type of reading I do on a daily basis is for my entertainment. I am on the internet a lot of my time at home, in addition to typing papers, I take breaks to read up on music and sports. A website that I read at least a couple times a day is for my favorite band, Breaking Benjamin. I will go to their site to read about news, tour dates, and other band activities. The other site I spend the majority of my time is on is I spend around an hour to an hour and half on it to catch up on my favorite sports. Even though I watch ESPN on television as well, it is easier to read what I want, than to have to wait for the story to come on the television. The other means of entertainment that I read other than the internet is the IDS. Every day I will grab an IDS paper and read before or after I go to class. It’s nice to read because I know what kind of activities are going on around campus and other news stories.
It was nice to realize what kind of reader I am. Even though I could read a lot more than I do, it is still good to know I spend most of my day reading some sort of information.

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