Monday, September 7, 2009

Literacy Snapshot

As I tracked my literacy activities the past couple of days I questioned how much literature I really actively read in a day, or a week. Since the assignment was given I have realized there are more than only a few pieces of literature that I do read on a daily basis. Sadly to say since school has started the number of literacy pieces I read for enjoyment has decreased significantly while school books have become a painful main focus in my life, as they probably have in most of our lives. Not only do I read my Elementary and Middle School Mathematics book at night before class the next day, but on the bus before class starts, or even in the class before, oops. To say that I enjoy reading most of these class books would be a lie, especially if I were to say I enjoyed the hours of science reading about nothing I am currently able to understand. Some of our readings are interesting though, some being the key word.

However I found time in the past couple of days to still read a little from my current novel The Pact by Jodi Picoult. I usually find time to read The Pact right before I go to sleep or during down time I have throughout the day. I feel like a lot of people have a preconceived notion that reading a book right before bed puts you in the mood to sleep, that is quite the contrary to me. If I begin to read a book (not a school book of course) and say to myself I will go to sleep after I get to page 100, that never seems to happen. Reading books I enjoy is like a movie for me. You cant turn off the movie right before the big ending! So this issue I have usually keeps me awake all night while in the back of my mind I am thinking about those lovely literature schools books I could have been reading for class the following day. Jodi Picoult books will cause this insomnia problem, just a forewarning.

I consider technology a large part of the literacy activities I take part in on a daily basis. Besides the constant reading and checking of my emails, and Facebook notifications I have notice literature is on the t.v. too! I realized during the million of reality shows I happen to come across while watching t.v. there are constant opportunities to read the subtitles they have placed on the bottom of the screen. Usually they are there to clarify the conversations of all the constant crying and yelling of their reality stars. If I were not a successful literate human being how would I be able to enjoy quality shows like The Tool Academy, or the conversations between the vampires on True Blood (the R rated version of Twilight)?

Those are just a few examples from my literary journey through the past couple of days. Beyond these examples I have realized and appreciated all that being literate opens for you. Everyday reading is not just reading books, its reading the signs on the bus as you wait for your stop, or the no turn on red sign at the stop light, and the directions on the box of frozen food in the freezer. Through this assignment I have become much more aware of what it means to be a literate individual, and how being that individual affects my life in so many more ways then I could imagine.

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