Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lauren Flaspohler's Literacy Snapshot

When we were first assigned this, I had no idea how I would make a collage of my literacy activities because I didn’t feel like I did a lot of things pertaining to literacy. However, as I started to write down everything that I was reading and writing, I realized that I actually read and write more than I expected.
Now that school has started back up, I’ve been reading a lot of textbooks. Also I send/receive about 500 text messages every day. Even though, it is coming to an end, I have been trying to find time to finish a book I started this past summer. Other literacy items that I mentioned in my literacy snapshot include gym schedule, recipes, my planner, questions for science, Oncourse articles, and menus.
The top three items that I used every day are textbooks, text messages, and my planner. I use textbooks every day because I read for my classes. Generally I will have a textbook with me everywhere that I go including my apartment, my boyfriend’s house, and the education building. Like I said in the previous paragraph, I send and/or receive 500 text messages every day. I have my cell phone with me at all times. My boyfriend lives about two hours away, and when he is working or I am at school we usually text back and forth all day long. My planner is something that I could not live without. It has all of my homework written down and what events that I have going on. It also includes birthdays, dentist and doctor’s appointments, and special days to remember like anniversaries and holidays.
On the weekends, my boyfriend and I are little chefs. We love to cook and try new foods. Almost every weekend we try new recipes so this past weekend we made chicken cacciatore. Either we cook at his house or my apartment.
Specifically this weekend, I had Oncourse articles to read and questions to answer for my science class. Homework is something that is always going on for me, but varies week to week. Usually, I will try to get it done over the weekend. On weekends, I am either at my boyfriend’s house or my apartment. This weekend I completed my reading and my science questions at my boyfriend’s house. Another item that was specifically this weekend was that we went out to eat for a birthday dinner. So my literacy snapshot from that day was a menu from the cheesecake factory.
I never thought that I would be able to find so many items to put in my literacy snapshot. I was very surprised by what I found. I actually read and write a lot more in a day than I ever realized that I do.

Literacy Snapshot


  1. When I first thought about making a collage about how much I read I didn't think I would have a lot to show either! Same as you I realized just how much I use my reading skills. Also, I didn't think about menus! It's so easy to not pay attention to what you are reading when you read so much throughout your day! On a side note-I enjoy cooking new recipes too!

  2. You thought of a lot more things than I did. I completely forgot about menus, daily planners, and text messaging. Those are good ones. I think we could all agree that we read more than we realize!