Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Snapshot; Lauren Forst

It was very interesting following my literacy this past week. I was very surprised at how much I actually read and write during each day. I knew I read a lot for my classes throughout the week but didn't realize all the other times I read for pleasure. While it's true I definitly spend a good amount of time reading for my classes, I also realized that I read a lot on the internet as well. I was constantly reading my wall posts and writing on my friends' walls. I often check my phone throughout the day and send texts messages to my friends more than I thought I did. I also found myself constantly on IMDB.com and reading reviews and comments on movies I have just seen or wish to see.

I found myself this past week, however, writing a note to my friend, which baffled me for two reasons, 1) because I'm not in jr. high and 2) because I see and talk to this friend everyday and could easily just text or call her. I kind of liked writing a note to my friend because I realized that no one takes the time to sit down, think about the person you want to talk to you and then let your hand do the talking. It was somewhat refreshing and of all my friends, she was the one that would appreciate it the most. I also found myself flipping through last months NYLON and rereading articles about certain fads and life stories. I also found myself looking at an art book I just purchased called Little People in the City by Slinkachu. The book is pictures of miniature people in the city doing normal everyday things but in their own tiny way. Each photo has a caption that tells what each person is doing.

I am in the middle of two books right now and it seems to be taking forever to finish them. I'm reading God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut (which I should be able to finish in an hour because it's only 80 pages, but I don't seem to have time) and Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. Everytime I start to read either book, something always comes up and I end up just reading a page. I am starting to take an hour or so before I go to bed to do some more recreational reading because it seems to be the only time in the day that I can actually get some time to myself. I feel that it is very important for people to use their literacy in anyway they can, whether it be doing homework, writing to friends, or just reading a fashion magazine.


  1. Alright, first off, I fully support written letters and notes along with personal phone calls opposed to texts and wall posts. Like you said, it's refreshing. I feel like we are so busy all the time, between technology and the college stigma, that we rarely have time to sit down and just write. I'm not sure if you've read The Last Lecture, but I highly recommend it. Point being, of course, that the author brings up the fact of writing personal thank you letters. I swear, that chapter changed my life. Ever since, classrooms that I volunteer in, work that I receive help with, presents that I need to send thank you's for...they all get a letter. Something about getting a letter lets you know the person was really really thinking of you. Sitting down just for you, picking out a card just for you, putting that stamp on just for your mailbox...as you said, refreshing.
    and second: the hour-before-bed thing that you've been starting, i've been doing that for about two years now. And just like the Last Lecture chapter...it's made me a whole new person. You have no idea, well, obviously you do...but how great it is to read something that you ENJOY! Not an assigned article, JSTOR research, a repetitive text book. It's a story you picked, with a plot you want, and and ending you're waiting for. Keep it up! I swear you'll be a lot calmer and much less stressed the next morning because of it!

  2. It really is amazing to look at how essential literacy has truly become at this point in our lives in the society we live in. Just thinking about how our lives would be different if we weren't [partially] college educated, computer literate (since 1st grade), and cell phone literate, not to mention our first literacy expertise in reading and writing print. Though some may be hesitant to admit it, we wouldn't know how to live or function if we were transplanted to just 20 years ago, before practical cellphones or computers ever existed.

    I really love that you've gone "back to basics" by hand writing a note to your friend! It is so meaningful to get something, even just a small note, that is handwritten and from the heart. I also have a friend that would really appreciate it, and she is an RA at Purdue (I'm an RA in Wright) so we have that connection to write about, plus its always nice to get something besides junk in the mail. I think you may have inspired me!

    I definitely feel you on the difficulty finding time to read just for yourself, I haven't really been able to do it during the school year since I started college. Hopefully I will find time like you have, but that means I have to get homework done more than an hour before bed... procrastination definitely is a habit I've got to break! I agree 100% that using our own literacy to its full extent is extremely important, we are very lucky to have what we have, and I'm hoping as teachers we all will be able to share that with our students!