Sunday, September 6, 2009

Literacy Project

This assignment seemed to be easy at first but then as things went on I realized that I use literacy in more ways than I thought. I thought that I used it only in reading books, papers, and a website. Then when I started to write down things that I did or said my list just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Some of the things that I realized that I did on a daily basis was read the newspaper, read what I eat for breakfast, watch the news and read the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. I also read my textbooks just about everyday, along with the syllabuses, homework assignments, and other school related topics.

I also talk to my family and friends daily as well. I talk to friends all over the around so I type on Skype and have video chats as well. Then there is the phone that I think just about everyone uses on a daily basis. I read my text and write my text. I also look on maps to see where my friends are going or are at.

This past weekend I drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was an interesting trip for me since seeing that I am horrible with directions. So I went out and bought a Garmin GPS so I didn't get lost as much. I read the whole time, then the road sings, and what was on the radio.

When you think about everything you read the list just goes on and on. You read items from when you wake-up to when you go to bed. Each time you do something you have literacy involved in some way. When you go out to dinner you read a menu, when you drive you read signs, when you go to class you read what you are doing in that class, etc.

Literacy is very important in our lives no matter which way you look at it. This project showed me a lot about what I do everyday and how it is important.

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