Sunday, September 6, 2009

I never realized how much reading I actually do each day until I started keeping track this week. I did not realize how much time I really spent on the Internet on Facebook, I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook everyday. After monitoring myself this week I have learned the excessive amount of time that I waste getting on Facebook and reading through my friends pages. I have also learned this week that I get on Facebook when I am supposed to be doing my school work. I did not realize how much reading I actually did on a day to day basis until I found myself reading a People Magazine in the line at the grocery store the other day, I have also learned that anytime I have free time when I am not studying that I will occasionally go to the store and pick up a magazine to read. I have really realized this week how important it is this week to be a literate person. I did not really appreciate the little things I am able to do being a literate person until I was at Panera today and I was able to read the menu. I am truly blessed that I have the ability to be literate. I do not usually like to read, but this summer my sister told me about the series Twilight and I just finished the last book of the series this week, I found myself picking it up and reading it in between my readings that I had to do for my classes and also in between my classes. Being a literate individual is important, because I have to be able to read on a daily basis for the classes that I am enrolled in and also to be able to do simple tasks such as reading a thinking of you card that my mom sends me every week. I have found that almost every task that I do on a daily basis has some type of reading involved in it and I am very thankful that I am a literate person and realized this week exactly how much reading I actually do everyday and every week for school and also just for my own pleasure.

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  1. You said you are truely blessed to be literate and I couldn't agree more. I think it would be near impossible to get through a day if you couldn't read.