Saturday, September 5, 2009

Literacy Snapshot (Aimee Frantzen)

After keeping track of my own literacy interactions for the last 4 days, I realized how much I really do rely on reading. Not only does this skill aid in my studies but I really do take pleasure from reading. It is an activity that seemingly calms me, and helps me to relax and wind down after a busy day of classes and studying.
One activity that I engage in often as mentioned above is reading for pleasure - I try to read every night before I go to bed, as this helps me to fall asleep. However I never realized until now how much I really do read for my own personal pleasure. What I mean here is that I find myself on Facebook and Twitter often, as well as,, and other gossip websites. I often use these sites as "procrastination tools" but when I think about it, I am clearly gaining pleasure from reading and skimming these websites.
Another activity I likely engage in a good amount is text messaging on my cell phone. Texting has become a main means for communication between my mom, my brother, my dad, and I about everyday matters. My blackberry messenger (another form of text message) has also become means of communication between my boyfriend and I, and I engage in this communication a lot more than I would like to admit. I often wonder how people forged relationships before the era of cell phones and text messaging.
Overall I have realized over that past week that I completely rely on my literacy skills to get by. Not one activity I engage in on a daily basis besides sleeping does not involve literacy. Even when eating I often find myself reading food labels to gain insight. I am a highly literate individual.


  1. Aimee, it seems as though we are on par with many of the things that you mentioned in your blog post. I too like to read before I go to bed, but instead of books I choose to read magazines, most of which are old that I have kept around because I haven't had a chance to read them yet. I too use Facebook and the like to procrastinate, but as most of my friends live out of state or out of the country, these websites allow me to keep in touch with them and find out how they are doing. I text and BBM all the time, again, it serves as a way for me to keep in touch with my friends that I don't see on a daily basis, in a less awkward and time consuming manner than a phone call, letter, or email.

  2. I definitely agree with what you wrote about reading for pleasure. I always seem to find myself saying how I hate doing so much reading, when in fact I love to read. I just dont like reading things i do not find interesting (i.e. long chapters in extremely dry and boring text books). But everyday I engage myself in some form of literacy completely by choice, whether it be facebook, text messaging, reading magazines, or reading books for pleasure.

  3. Like the two comments posted above I have to say that I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I too did not realize how often I was somewhat mindlessly reading to help pass the time (i.e. facebook or twitter). I also read before I go to sleep. It does help to kind of settle me down before bed.

  4. Out of all of the posts I have read, this is the one that I can most relate to. I am constantly procrastinating by looking on the web at different sites trying to find new and interesting news. I also always try to read before I go to bed so that falling asleep is a little easier. Another way I relate to your habits of literacy are through texting. I CONSTANTLY text, rather than calling someone. Its funny how much of the things we read are just junk...

  5. I agree with you Aimee that I always complained before that I never had enough time to read for pleasure but after completing this project I realized how much I actually do, with facebook, texts,etc. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Also your poster looks really great!