Saturday, September 5, 2009

Literacy Snapshot (Jen Shearer)

I have never consciously thought about every time I read something. This assignment really showed me how important it was to read and how much reading we can do in a day. I tried to think about every time I read over the past couple of days; however, I am sure that I have done more reading then I noticed. I think the one set of items I read the most in a day is my class syllabi's. There is so much information on them and in order to remain sane and organized I have to keep checking them constantly to make sure that I am prepared for my classes. I also spend a lot of time reading for classes. I used to spend my time reading leisure books but since classes have started back up its back to business. Thinking back to the previous semesters and how much I read I realized that as I got further into the semesters I started to get into the groove of things and was able to read more for leisure then for study, which is something to look forward to.

I also learned that I like to read when I am bored. I take the bus to classes everyday and since there is nothing else to do while waiting for them I pick up the daily IDS. Normally I would not choose to read the IDS (nothing against it, but it just not my first choice) but since I am either standing or sitting and waiting on the bus I will read anything to keep me occupied. This way I do not have to focus on having to wait and the time I spend waiting on the bus goes much faster when I am entertained. Sometimes the time gets away from me and I almost miss my stop.

While I was busy trying to notice how much I read I noticed that during school most of the reading I do is for school or while I am waiting to get to school. I noticed that I read a lot when I am bored and it is a great way to pass time. I get lost in what I am doing and sometimes lose track of time; it’s kind of a nice escape!

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  1. Reading has always been an escape for me as well, I could so easily get lost in a good book! When I am in the middle of a great book and I'm in class or out with friends (as dorky as this sounds...) I often finding myself thinking about the book, wanting to get back to it. It's a comfort to me! It just goes to show we should never take our own literacy skills for granted, look at how much they play into our lives!