Monday, September 7, 2009

Literacy snapshot

Reading is just a natural part of my everyday life and until this assignment I had not realized how large of a role it actually played. Just about everywhere I go or everything I do involves reading. Whether it is reading for an assignment or reading street signs, I’m constantly doing it. And to some point, what I read affects my decisions and actions throughout the day.
Through this project I noticed that I have a routine to beginning my days. Without logging everything, my days just seem second nature and I don’t really think about what I’m doing. But I realized that I do the same few things every morning before starting each day and when I do not do those things I feel unorganized. I start with reading my clock when my alarm goes off. The first thing I do when waking up is check my phone to see if I had missed anything while I was sleeping. Then I check the weather for the day to decide what I’m going to put on that day. Then after getting ready for class, I checked my schedule to see what class I had and what rooms they would be in (since it was the first week of classes and I was not yet used to my schedule). Those are just some small details that I noticed I was actually reading although not consciously thinking about it.
Through out the week I also noticed that since classes have started, I was spending a lot of my time reading for my classes. Which include articles, textbooks, emails, etc. I noticed that when I read, I need to take good notes and then read over my notes after I am finished in order to make sense of what I just read. Of course when I was at the library doing all of these about every 30 minutes to an hour I was on facebook or perez. I can only focus for so long until I have to take a break otherwise I have no idea what I had read. I do check facebook often since I have access to it from my phone but surprisingly I did not use it as much as I had originally thought I used it. It was mainly when I would get notifications on my phone or when I was waiting for a class to start. One major aspect of my literate world is bbm and texting. I noticed that I am constantly on my phone talking to multiple people at once about the night before or what our plans were going to be for the weekend, etc. I’m not even sure I could put a number on how many times I text and bbm a day, it’s that bad. And then for pure leisure time, I read cosmo when I get them in the mail when I have time. Luckily I got one this week otherwise that wouldn’t have been part of my literacy snapshot because I don’t like to read the same thing twice (another thing I noticed).
In all, completing the literacy snapshot made me aware all the reading that I do and a majority of it I do it subconsciously. Without the reading skills that I have, going about a daily life would be difficult. Things such as eating would be challenging if I could not read the menu. Just about everything revolves around reading.

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  1. I agree, I had no idea how much I used literacy subconsciously. Even when I am not doing anything relating to work or classes, I, too, am constantly texting, calling, reading a magazine, checking facebook and email. I really do appreciate my literacy skills after completing this project.