Monday, September 7, 2009

e342wednesday, Snapshot

After keeping a day to day journal for the past five days of every time I read, I became aware of how fortunate I am to have the literacy skills that I posses. As a child, I never enjoyed reading. I would struggle in that subject much more than any other. What I did not realize though was that I needed the reading skills in order to succeed in all of my other subjects. My mom hired a tutor to come to the house once a week to help me with just reading. She would assign me different library books to complete for the next week. We would go over reading out loud and stopping and pausing each time a new character spoke. Over time, I began to enjoy reading. I liked getting lost into other character's worlds. From about seventh grade on, I never struggled with reading again. It is harder to understand and enjoy reading if it is assigned to you, but the skills I learned no doubt have helped me throughout college.
I included everything that consisted of reading in my journal. When I woke up I would look at my clock. To me, that is considered reading. At night I would make different meals for dinner. Reading the ingredients on the box is considered reading. I enjoy to work cross word puzzles in my free time. Knowing the words and letters is crutial in order to solve the puzzle. I never realized how much I really counted on reading in order to live a normal life. Even when driving, reading a map, the street signs, or the word "stop" at a stop sign, you use reading. If I did not know how to read, I could not function in the ways that I wanted in order to live the life I have now. Staying in touch with my family and friends over the Internet is very important to me. If I could not read or write I would be unable to communicate with them through emails.
Overall I learned how important it is for young students to know the importance of learning to read and write. They may have a difficult time grasping the idea of why they need these traits, but this activity would benefit them if they wrote down every time they needed to read or could read something. Incorporating reading and writing into your everyday classroom is a must. In order to function in this world, you have to have those skills.

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