Monday, September 7, 2009

Literacy snapshot Kristen Whitesides

Society has transformed and progressed to a wonderful state that provides so much for the people in it. At times, however, it seems that society tends to move too quickly and we forget to cherish the small things. One of these things that, through this assignment, I have realized is being literate. It’s amazing how many things I do and could with the simple task of reading. Just the fact that I think reading is simple is a great thing. Being a Teaching All Learners major I am asked by many teachers to think through a child’s perspective. Their perspective on reading would most likely not be the same which makes me appreciate it even more.
I used literate skills on the computer and internet a lot during the last few days. Through Facebook I check up and talk to friends and family back at home. I use my email every day more than once to double check homework assignments and talk to people. The ease the internet gives us makes things so much easier. I have been on the internet trying to find the best deals on a ton of textbooks I’ve had to buy for school. I also use Yahoo messenger to talk to friends and play games to take a break from homework. Internet has given an additional opportunity for literacy skills to be in use.
Originally I thought it would turn out that I am most literate on the computer, however, as I took a long of my literacy activities I was surprised to see I use books just as much. I have definitely come to appreciate books a lot more. These past few days I have read a lot for homework assignments, which aren’t always enjoyable, but I am able to learn more about my future profession. I read a little for pleasure which is always a great break in the day. For me, novels have become an escape from my own stressful life. They take me to a different world which I appreciate more than when I was younger. Another time literacy became important to me was when I spent time reading to my nephew. I love being able to use that skill to make a child happy and to try to teach it and pass it on. I am taking a Children’s Literature course this year and so I have listened to and read children’s books recently. They have progressed from when I was younger and I am excited that children are being taught to appreciate books more.
Of course literacy became important with simple, practical tasks such as reading road signs when driving and going grocery shopping. Through recording these things however I’ve learned it doesn’t matter how I use the literacy skill it is apparent I use it and gain from it absolutely every day, all day and I am thankful I have the skill.

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