Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over the last few days, I found myself engaging in multiple literacy activities. The activities for the most part seemed to be similar every day, but they did vary. To begin every morning I read my clock and either hit the snooze button a few times or I would lie in bed until I had to get up. Before doing anything else, I would always check my Facebook page, reading notifications, status updates, and the occasional chat with some friends. I then proceeded to check my e-mail and Oncourse for any other updates for classes that I had that day. I also found myself reading the nutrition facts of almost every item I ate. Another thing I found myself doing daily was making a list of things to do, so that I did not forget to complete assignments or pay bills. Every day and maybe a few too many times throughout the day I was sending and receiving text messages and phone calls. Finally like every other college student I am always reading articles, textbooks, completing homework assignments, taking notes, and writing down assignments in my planner.
On Wednesday when I first started paying attention to my literacy activities, I found a recipe on Google to cook for dinner. I then wrote down the recipe and followed the procedures step by step and measuring when needed. After I ate dinner I read all of my syllabi from all six of my classes and wrote down on my desk calendar what assignments were due and when to keep me organized. Throughout the weekend, I engaged in watching sports on television so I was reading the score and time remaining in the games. Finally I read the Indiana Daily Student one day, which was one of the only things I read for entertainment. After evaluating my literacy activities I found that I engaged in more activities than I would have previously thought, but some I do not know how beneficial they are for me. I engaged in little reading that was not for school. The literacy I did engage in that was not for school was just my phone and Facebook, which I was on multiple times during each and every day.

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