Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hannah Troxal Literacy Snapshot

As I tried to focus on what literacy I am involved with this week I was worried I would have nothing to say besides books for school, thankfully this was found not to be true. Besides reading about math, science, technology and teaching students with disabilities, I realized I read every morning and evening at least one chapter from my Bible. Teaching Sunday school at church requires me to read over my lesson every week.
I am trying to become more organized and lists are my favorite, so reading my agenda and other lists I make is always an important part of my day. I also always have my phone with me and am constantly texting people about scheduling plans, school, church, catching up with friends and sometimes just meaningless texts. I worked with Marj this weekend and quite often when I am with her she has me read the front page, sports section and obituaries from the newspaper to her; she also likes us to read her what is on the residential cafeteria menu (sometimes repeatedly until I have it memorized!)
I set up wireless internet in my apartment and was forced to read the directions (and call for help) to do so. Now that I actually have it working I am able to check my facebook and email constantly. I check these both a few times a day for school and personal purposes and also to stay connected with family, current and old friends. I read them on campus, in my apartment and occasionally on my phone. I am a huge fan of listening to music and singing (loudly) and since not knowing words is a pet peeve I find myself always looking up and reading the lyrics.
One thing I don’t usually read but found particularly uplifting this past week was when I went through some old papers in my room at home and found a letter I received from my grandpa in January 1999. It was encouraging me about school so it was another reminder to remain focused 10 years later! Other materials I usually read are recipes, nutritional values, receipts, road signs, backs of movies, scriptures posted by my mirror and syllabi.
After looking at all of the material I read and wrote this past week I realized how important literacy is in my life. Obviously being illiterate would be quite difficult and elminate many opportunities that I apparently take for granite every day. While I don’t seem to find a lot of time to read freely I do seem to read and write many things rather it be important or not.

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  1. I had a very similar experience with my project. I also did not realize how much I use reading and writing to stay organized and to basically function well. I agree with how literacy has really helped me in my life - not just with entertainment, but in giving me more opportunities in life.