Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Literacy Snapshot (Leanne Putterill)

As i tracked my daily reading and writing routines, I was a bit surprised at how much I use literature for daily functioning. It is no lie that, as college students, we typically spend a major part of our time outside of lectures doing work for those classes. This semester, most of that work consists of reading textbooks, case studies, and even state standards. Although not the most enjoyable way to spend my time, this kind of work is necessary as a future teacher and as an informed person in general. I also use reading and writing in order to stay organized. Anyone can find me carrying my planner on a pretty regular basis. Physically writing down assignments and events keeps me accountable and organized. I also find myself constantly making lists of various things to get done, groceries to buy, or good movies to rent.
Outside of the textbook world, I noticed that I also use literature in other ways. For example, I find myself checking e-mail, facebook, and, in my opinion, the best kind of correspondence: "snail mail". Nothing can replace handwritten letters and cards. Although I typically find more cable bills and junk mail, this is another way I can be a part of an informed society. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and finding new recipes. However, I don't consider myself one to be able to concoct amazing dishes without any help. Instead, I rely on cookbooks and recipes. I also consider regularly reading my Bible to be an important part of my life. Finding time to do this on a regular basis has been a very important part of my day as I find guidance, encouragement, wisdom, and instruction.
I recently moved into a new apartment and realized that many of my friends did not know where I now live. Over the weekend I found myself offering directions based on street names, landmarks, and compass directions. This kind of guidance would have been of little use if my friends did not know how to correctly read and interpret these signs.
Overall, literature has been an important part of my life and continues to be so. Through reading and writing, not only can I correspond with friends and family, but I can find entertainment and knowledge through exercising literature.

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