Sunday, September 6, 2009

E342-Literacy Blog, Kelly Reeder

After completing this exercise I realized how much of my days are actually spent reading. I was surprised to find how much of this reading is done without me being aware. For example, each morning this past week I woke up and automatically looked at my class schedule to see what classes I have, what buildings or rooms they are in, and what time I would be done for the day. Other times that I read subconsciously included reading recipes, labels, restaurant menus, and even the Comcast channel guide.

While reading consciously this past week I noticed that a lot of the time I spent reading was from textbooks, or articles posted onto oncourse. Even though this took a lot of my time, I still had time to do some enjoyable reading. Facebook is something that I cannot go one day without checking, let alone a couple of hours. Since I was focused on all of the reading that I was doing for a few days, I became aware that I constantly needed to check my facebook to see different statuses of people, new things that were written on my wall, and even captions written underneath newly posted pictures. I not only check my facebook regularly, I also check my email just as much. Through my email I can see if a class is canceled, if I have new notifications on facebook, coupons or different advertisements to my favorite stores, and even emails from my friends and family.

Even though a huge chunk of my conscious reading is done on the web, I also enjoy sitting down to read a novel. This past summer I almost always brought a book with me wherever I went. Now I cannot do this as often because I am so preoccupied with the mandatory reading for my classes. When I can find time I try and pick up the book that I am currently in the middle of, Twilight. I usually read before I go to bed or if I can’t sleep. I found that reading late at night helps me to fall asleep, and with this particular book I am able to have dreams about my vampire friend, Edward Cullen.

I will admit that I took a lot away from this assignment. Before, I unknowingly took for granted the gift of literacy. I did not realize how much I depended on this skill for my everyday life. Without this ability life would be much more difficult and complicated, as well as BORING.

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