Sunday, September 6, 2009

You never realize how much time you spend doing something until you actually write it down. When I first started logging my literacy activities I was writing down the usual things I read such as my textbooks, e-mail & the IDS newspaper. But once I started writing those down I started to notice things I read daily that I never really thought much about. Things such as commercials on tv, text messages on my phone & labels on food boxes. I also started to notice some other things about myself. One of these was the ridiculous amount of time I spend online everyday. I wish I could say most of it was spent checking Oncourse or doing other academic activities, but sadly most of it is spent checking out celebrity gossip on Perez or updating myself on peoples Facebook statuses. In one day alone I went online six times throughout the day. Only two of these times I was actually doing something school related. The other times I was reading for personal enjoyment. After seeing that written down I realized that I should probably start spending less time online and more time doing schoolwork. Another thing I realized about myself was that whenever I was trying to pass time I most often found myself reading whatever was around me. These would be situations like reading a magazine while working out or reading a poster on the wall while waiting for my dinner to heat up. It never struck me until I looked at my time log how much reading plays a big part in my daily activities.

After all this I thought about how much I take fore granted that I actually could read everything around me when and if I wanted to. I thought about how simple day-to-day tasks would be greatly affected if I couldn’t read. The one thing I will definitely take to heart from this project is that I will make sure that I do everything I possibly can to make sure the students in my class get as much exposure to reading as possible. I want them to be able to benefit from all the wonderful things reading allows me to do everyday.

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