Tuesday, September 8, 2009

E342 wed Snapshot erin Baxter

It's been quite interesting keeping note and acknowledging all of my literacy activities for the past week. Some of the activities on my list were easy to predict; school assignments are obviously going to be a big part of my day. But this assignment was to document everything, so that included making lots and lots of lists, reading for fun (which keeps me sane), writing down notes, inspirational quotes, checking reddit and facebook, among other internet sources, and reading and writing journals. There are alot of things I read and write that can become so mindless, I'm not even aware of it as a literacy activity, such as reading signs, reciepts, and text messages. This activity was more revealing than I expected.
Throughout the days, the most common activity was school-related. I've read overheads, handouts, packets, and textbooks. Lots of textbook reading. But of course I'll be doing alot of that over the next couple of years. This week alone I've read more because that's what I've been told to do. It's not the most pleasurable reading, but it has been interesting and I'm happy to say that I'm all caught up! At school to kill time I read the IDS, but really don't find it too interesting most of the time. I usually just throw it back in the basket when I'm done. I do read classifieds almost daily though.
I make lists all the time to make sure everything gets done on time. I haven't had a planner and actually used it in a while, it's really helpful though. My lists are usually of random things things I need and written on little bits of paper that I may or may not find ever again. Or on my hand. It's difficult to go back and read them later but it's handy!
Reading for fun is another activity that occupies alot of my time on a daily basis. I just read Steven Colbert's new book I Am America and So Can You! and it was pretty hillarious. His speech at the White House was an instant classic. In my downtime, I always grab a book. It's alright to mess around on the internet, but there's so much out there and its distracting. There's nothing like picking up a good book. I read alot of travel books and magazines, marking maps and making notes about where to go next. I'm planning to start a hostel in the next few years, so keeping a list of potential places to check out is high on my priorities list. I've been trying to improve my french, so I study and write down lists of verbs and vocabulary that is relevant in my travels. I have a lot of books on spirituality, and often pick one up, open it to a random page, and read it. I think that is a good way to remind myself that I am on a good path and many times I read just what I needed.
As far as internet goes, I spent alot of time on oncourse, reading attachments and messages to keep up with class. Facebook is checked pretty often, and I just got a bike through messaging so that's pretty sweet. I like to post silly little quotes from good books or people in the "what are you doing now?" box, and enjoy reading the comments left by my friends. Any other internet activities come about when I'm bored, so I'll snoop around reddit for fun recent happenings or the onion just for a laugh. I've gotten on Craigslist alot lately, looking for cheaper books or a job or furniture. I love the missed connections spot, it's such an interesting concept.
The random things I do but never really noticed until I kept note are writing in journals, sending and reading text messages, signs, and bits of paper scattered around town. I always pick up papers that have been miscarded and use them to make homemade paper if the color's right. People are often handing out leaflets and such, and I always read them and then tuck them away in my pockets or backpack. After a day of walking I've amassed an interesting collection of things to read. This activity has made me realize what kind of literacy activities I prioritize and which ones I ignore too often. I'd like to be writing more to myself, and have almost stopped writing in my journals. I used to write a letter to myself at least once a week and I'd like to get back into that. I read alot more than I write, and this project has helped me realize that and has inspired me to get out my envelopes and postcards and keep in touch with my loved ones. I don't want to substitute thoughtful literacy events for Facebook, I know that. In conclusion, i read a whole heck of a lot throughout the day and my writing has come to be fragments of paper spread around my floor waiting to be put to use. Writing down what I think now is such a good way to remind myself of personal goals and feelings, and it will be nice to balance school readings with personal writings.

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