Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Literacy Snapshot -Alex Lew

Over the past several days of documenting my literacy on a daily basis I have come to realize how important literacy is in my life. Before this assignment I never once thought about literacy as reading a receipt or directions to a camera, I only viewed literacy as reading books. I began four days ago by writing down everything I read, but I soon figured out that this was too daunting as I read almost every second of the day. I then switched to only documenting every hour or so. Through this project I learned that as a literate individual I rarely engage in scheduled reading. Most of the reading I do is either assigned to me or is done in a spontaneously. I also began to realize how difficult it would be to function on a daily basis if I was not a literate individual, from road signs to the newspaper my everyday decisions are influenced by what I read.
The literacy activities that I engage in the most would be reading for class, (which consists of syllabi, notes, power points, books, and e-mail) and reading for pleasure. Although I did not originally feel that I engaged in many literacy activities for my own personal enjoyment I realized that I do this more often than I had thought at the beginning of this project. I begin everyday with reading for personal enjoyment by reading the Bible, “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers, and “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy. This early morning literacy act determines how the rest of my day will be because it controls my mind-set for the day. Other pleasure literacy acts I found that I engage in are Facebook, and foxnews.com. I spend time on both of these websites several times each day. I also found that when I watch television I engage in literacy, for example, when watching the Glenn Beck show every day, I am not watching mindlessly but reading the newsfeeds and words that come on the screen. The two places in which I engage in literacy activities the most are the classroom and my house/room; this is because I spend most of my time in those places. This activity forced me to actively pay attention to my daily life and realize how literacy is incorporated into nearly every aspect of my life.

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