Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Literacy Snapshot, Danielle Rolley

Before this literacy project I didn't really realize everything in my daily life that counts as a form of literacy. I never thought that being on facebook, checking my email, and surfing the internet were forms of literacy activities. I knew that reading a book or textbook, reading a magazine or even reading a menu were all literacy activities, however they none of them really took up a lot of time during my day. Once I realized all the activities that really do count as literacy activities I also realized how much literacy activities take up my daily life.

The literacy activities I mostly engage in are facebook, twitter, checking emails, oncourse, and surfing the internet. I found after keeping track for the past 3 days that those few activities are common things that I engage in more than twice a day. Twitter I tend to only engage in once a day. Other literacy activities I engage in are reading textbooks and reading menus. I have gone out to eat a couple of times in the past 3 days so menu reading is a literacy activity that was common. However menu reading is not a daily literacy activity and is one that I will go days or a week without doing. Textbook reading is a daily activity that I engaged in only once or twice a day the past 3 days. However Textbook reading is a literacy activity that will increase in my daily life as the school year progresses.

Most of my literacy activities are done in my apartment or at home. I check my facebook or twitter on my phone a lot and I sometimes surf the internet for specific things whenever I am out of the apartment or home. Reading textbooks, checking emails, and surfing the internet are mostly done at home. Reading menus is a literacy activity that always takes place in some sort of restaurant. I really enjoyed this literacy project because it was interesting to me how many times I engage in a literacy activity and all the things that really count as a literacy activity that never really occurred to me were. On a more negative note it occurred to me during this project that I spend way too much of my time on faceb


  1. I absolutely agree with the Facebook thing. I didnt really notice how much time i could be utilizing for better things than seeing how drunk my friends got this weekend. It's good to realize these things and slow down... and lucky you that you've not read too man textbooks so far!

    September 8, 2009 4:50 PM

  2. I found the project interest as well because I did not realize how much I engaged in literacy activities. I like you, checked facebook, internet, e-mails, and oncourse numerous times throughout the day.