Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Literacy Snapshot, Natalie DiSalvo

Throughout the past few days, I have been recording what I do throughout the each day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. After three and a half days of notes, I found out that I read a lot more unconsciously than I ever would have guessed. When we were first given the assignment, I thought that my poster would be bare. I always thought that I never read anything besides school information such as text books and reading over several syllabi. Looking back over my notes, I noticed that I do read text books and syllabi, however, most of my reading that I do is done unconsciously. For example, facebook, text messages, checking my lists that I have written, checking emails, and making dinner by a recipe are all read daily without thought. The one I spent the most time reading and looking over was facebook. After seeing how much time I am on facebook, I was disgusted! The other one that really shocked me was text messaging; I send and read text messages throughout the whole entire day. When I looked over all the text messages of each day, the sad thing was that most of them were from my father! Other things I caught myself reading were the bus time schedules, street signs, television guides, menus at restaurants and online, along with the Indiana Daily Student and magazines. In the Indiana Daily Student paper, I usually read the sections that seem the most interesting. Despite the fact that I read selective ones in the paper, I still am reading all of the headings. The same concept pertains to magazines as well.
After recording all of the literacy I do on a daily basis, I was able to reflect back on the past few days and see what I would like to try and change. For instance, I have been trying to not spend as much time on facebook and try to prioritize my time wisely. I am certainly not saying that it has been easy, that is for sure. I am, however, catching myself on facebook and making sure that I am on it less and less a day. So far I have only been doing it for a day but it seems forever!
Reading is all around us. We cannot escape it; from finding our way home, to looking for something to watch on television, and even searching on the internet on our computers. People read things everywhere they go! After looking back over a course of three and a half days, I realized how dependent I am upon being literate.

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