Monday, October 19, 2009

Amy Stone's Importance in Reading

I have never been very good at reading comprehension and my skills have some what progressed over the years but nothing major has occurred. Once I changed my major to education my sophomore year, I began to realize different strategies that can be used to make sure that I comprehend the text to the full extent. When entering college, it was no longer the same as high school when I could read something and finish without knowing what any of the words meant. I began to utilize the strategies that were present in my courses and I find that these strategies can be used at any age.

When I am reading, I tend to be an active highlighter. For me highlighting allows me to comprehend that I have read the text and helps me to focus in on the words and concept. I tend to highlight main concepts and ideas but I also focus on definitions throughout the text therefore I can comprehend the ideas better. From the courses that I am taking now on literacy, I now realize that as I am reading, I want to make a picture and a connection to the text in my mind. In the margins of different readings, I normally write any questions that have risen as I am reading or connections that the text has to my everyday life. Like most people, I have an internal dialogue while I am reading. I read the text and replay the words in my mind but I also make connections and ask questions in my mind while I am reading. Sometimes I do not need to write any questions down because as I read more of the text my questions are answered.

Sometimes as I am reading, it is difficult to understand what is important in the text but I normally focus on titles, key words, and main concepts. By browsing the text first, I am able to gain a sense of what is to be included within the reading. When I know what is in store before I read, my mind is more focused throughout the reading and I am able to make better connections. As I continue through my years in college and begin to have my own classroom of students, I would like to master more strategies so that I can teach those strategies and use them within my own readings. By finding new ways to comprehend texts and create a better internal dialogue, I will be able to teach my students better and use these strategies on my own.

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