Sunday, October 11, 2009

Literacy Centers- Jen Shearer

The first site that I came across that was of interest to me was The K-Crew's Website. It is a group of real teachers and real students and the teachers post their strategies, their pictures from class, and classroom activities. I really like this website because it offers so much! It is for kindergarten classrooms, which is one thing in particular that I dislike about this website. It is only geared towards one grade. However, as I looked at the website a lot of these activities can be adjusted and used with many other grades. It would just require using more difficult words and such. They offer: workshops, thematic units, balanced literacy, literacy centers and more. One thing that I really liked about this website was that it provides books for each lesson and it gives you a link for a summary about the book and a link to purchase it on I think this website does a great job at covering all the bases in everything they offer. They give you multiple ideas and stations to choose from. All seem like they would be a lot of fun for children and they seem like they would also help the children to learn a lot! I really think this website is great for teachers and it gives them great ideas that students would love. It is a very "hands-on" approach to learning. Another thing I really liked about this website was that it really worked hard to incorporate all subjects together and under the same theme.
I also found Teaching Heart's Learning Centers Page. This is a page put together by a teacher. She also includes many pictures and different ideas from her classroom. She has a lot of information and also offers a lot of ideas for teachers. She also gives ideas about how to run your classroom and she gives examples of how she runs hers. She gives website links that she used in her classroom. She also gives links to books or supplies that she found useful. She gives a summary of the supplies and books as well. I think this is very beneficial because it is what one teacher does and she is easy to contact. I like this site because it is one person and one classroom that these things are based off of. I think that makes it very authentic.
The ideas and procedures found on both of these websites can be altered to make harder or easier for your classroom!

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  1. Jen, I really like these websites you found. I find them really useful because not only do they provide examples of how to use the books and evaluations of the books, but they even provide links to where to actually purchase the books. Which makes it extemely easy to get ahold of the book and use it in my own future classroom.