Friday, October 9, 2009

Lauren Schraut's Literacy Centers

While searching Google, I came across a very nice website that has multiple different centers in which you may incorporate into your classroom for literacy. The first site I found is Literacy Centers. This site gives multiple different ideas for many areas. Some of these areas include: poetry, writing, vocabulary, independent reading, etc. Once you chose the area, there is a wide variety of activities with corresponding worksheets or handouts that may be needed in order to implement these ideas. Another great thing I found on this website was help to manage Literacy Centers in your own classroom. This site is definitely a great resource for any educator or future educator.
Another site I have used multiple times while teaching is Carl's Corner. This site is much like the previous site I suggested. This site has multiple games and activities to engage students in while working on literacy in the classroom. Carl's Corner also has very many tips for teachers which I personally have found very helpful, especially since I am a science and math person! This website is full of research based activities geared mainly toward kindergarten and first-grade. The maker of this website found these activities also helpful for older students whose main language is not English, which is a hot mess, right?
Both of these sites are very similar. They both provide a wide variety of activities. A nice positive to the first site though is that it is categorized "better" than Carl's Corner, in my opinion. I find the tips on Literacy Centers a little bit more helpful and easier to follow and find than the tips provided by Carl's Corner.
I believe my peers and I can easily use these sites in our field experience next semester or in our own classrooms some day. The handouts provided through Carl's Corner and I have seen them work wonders in my first graders when I was a Cadet Teacher.

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