Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reading Center

The website I went to discussed how important learning centers were in developing different kinds of skills in the kindergarten setting. The reading center mentioned on the website involved shelves of books and comfy places to sit and read. One unique way the teacher set up seating arrangements was to have the children sit in laundry baskets. The teacher placed blankets and pillows in the basket to make it warm and an inviting place to sit. She placed the baskets near the window so the children would have natural light and be able to look out the window and see everything and think about books. The teacher also mentioned how she incorporated reading into every center. One center she had was a "cut and glue" center that one would most likely assume was used to develop fine motor skills. What the teacher did though, was use worksheets that the students would have to read and cut out. Children would have to cut out words and/or numbers and glue them to other pieces of paper in order to match up certain things. I feel this teacher was very creative in finding ways to incorporate literacy in everyday situations and other types of topics.


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