Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jamie Oberg Literacy Centers

The first website I went to had many different literature games. This website could be geared appropriately depending on the age but because it does use technically, it may be best to use this for the upper elementary grades. It seems to think that children learn best through interactive activities and also while having fun playing a game. There are games for adverbs, adjectives, sentence making, proof reading, and different types of grammar along with punctuation. It would be beneficial teaching a whole class to have the students work individually on their own computers or if this is not available, to take turns playing the game with is displayed onto a projection screen. It could also help engage the students if they worked on teams or pairs.
The second website I went to would be helpful for younger students because it includes many different coloring pages. They require cutting different sentences up and rearranging, completing sentences that coordinate with the picture, creating an alphabet book, or point to each word in the sentence on the coloring picture. Every activity on the website is based around hands-on learning activities to keep the students focused.

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