Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rachel's Reading Importance

When I am reading there are several things I do to make sure that I understand the text. The first thing I do is read the title. This helps give me a good understanding of what the whole book/article/chapter is about. I then begin reading. As I am going along in my reading I make sure to look out for bold words or subheadings. These help me figure out important words or ideas that the author is trying to get across. After I read a page or big paragraph I usually stop and reflect on what I am reading. I ask myself what important topic or idea am I supposed to be getting from this text. This helps keep me accountable for what I am reading. I never really thought about it as having an internal conversation with myself. But when I actually want to remember what I am reading I have to ask certain questions to myself or nothing will stick in my head. By having this internal conversation with myself it keeps me on task and accountable with what I am reading. The only time I don’t really have to have an internal conversation with myself is when I am reading for fun. I think this is because there is less pressure on me to remember specific details than if I were reading something for class.

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